Cheap car rental Marrakech with Keshcar agency:

Our services:

Car rental in Marrakech with our agency "Keshcar" installed in the city center known as the red city of Morocco. The car rental service Marrakech offered by our agency is a quality service. Our agency proposes a varied range of vehicles: car rental Marrakech and in all the Moroccan cities. See also our car rental conditions in Marrakech at our agency on the condition page. Keshcar offers its car rental services also in the city of Ouarzazate, luxury 4x4 rental, comfortable tourist minibuses with drivers. Our great experience ensures you quality services. Keshcar is your car rental agency cheap: no hidden costs; it is among the most recommended car rental agencies in Marrakech, and has been consulted by several customers.

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Keshcar Agency:

The company "Keshcar" has several types of cars, 4x4 and minibuses available for rental with cheap rates. Almost 40 types of vehicles that are in our parks. The car rental stages are very easy to follow, just choose your car rental and then click "book".
Free delivery at the airport Menara Marrakech, upon your arrival you can then have your cars already booked via Keshcar. Delivery at Keshcar is completely free at Menara Airport.

24/7 assistance everywhere in Morocco

We accompany you during your stay in Morocco 24 / 24h to ensure you a good stay whether in Marrakech or in all Morocco. Our young team, which runs our car rental agency, facilitates the operation of car rental and other services namely: excursions to Morocco.
Keshcar offers luxury minibuses for rent (minibuses with 12 seats, 7 seats etc ...), you can also rent 4x4 of good condition (Toyota Prado etc ...). So benefits from our car rental services in Marrakech or in Agadir too.
Keshcar offers you several types of vehicles such as minibuses, 4x4s which are all in very good condition. The car rental will be very easy at our agency seen a great experience in this area.
To rent a car you only have to consult our tariff page which includes all the vehicles that are available for rent; Book your cars from just 18 euros. We will guarantee you great car rental services, and your satisfaction too and a very warm welcome.
See also all answers to frequently asked questions on the FAQ page. Our company is ranked among the leaders in Marrakesh with more than 10 years of experience since 2000. The delivery is simply free, so at no additional cost to have your car, nothing to pay more.
Nothing to fear with Keshcar, all our cars are insured and are still in very good condition. The updating of our vehicles is done monthly, and new cars are added among our parks.
More than forty cars exist in our parks, and all are available for rental to all Moroccan destinations. Become a loyal customer of our rental car agency Marrakech to benefit from all discount promotions.

Our conditions:


The duration of the rental car or 4x4 is mentioned in the lease except in the case of extension that will be granted with the lessor. In case of refund, the renter has the right to take back the car to the place where it exists at an additional cost to the tenant.

Profile and age of the driver:

The car will be driven only by the renter mentioned in the rental agreement.
An inimum of 21 years is obligatory to rent a car at our agency with of course a driving license of more than two years.

Delivery / recovery:

The delivery of the vehicles can be done at the place where you want: at the airport, railway stations or hotel etc ...
On delivery, you must present a credit card imprint;
It will be forbidden to drive our cars in an unpaved track

Long-term reservation:

On request, very advantageous rates for any car rental more than a month.
Daily rates are calculated on the basis of 24 hours.
Weekly rates are calculated on the basis of 7 consecutive days.


Payment types are:
- by Swift transfer;
- by credit card.
All our prices are expressed in Euros and include the following points:
- .Unlimited mileage
- lubricants
- maintains the vehicle
- delivery / recovery of the vehicle

Insurance: An all risk insurance for all our cars. In case of damage a franchise remains the responsibility of the driver who is not redeemable